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RPPC Set of 5 Hotel FIRE 1918 Firemen Niagara Falls, NY Real Photos

Niagara Falls firefighter deliver baby in tight situation

Unused AZO in good to very good condition. Rppc set of 5 – hotel fire – 1918 firemen niagara falls, ny real photos series of 5 cards international hotel niagara falls, new york jan. NICE Original Real Photo Postcard LOT. Vintage, Old, antique, Original NOT a Reproduction Guaranteed!

Full Length Real Leather Long Trench Coat Black Matrix Blade Soft Nappa Fitted.

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There are also two side entry pockets on the front and two pockets on the inner left side, one above the other, the bottom with velcro closure. Full length real leather long trench coat black matrix blade soft nappa fitted the coat features leather overlap panels on the front and a single vent on the back.