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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #9 Cgc 9.6 First Appearance Darth Revan

Revan SWTOR Empire Side

The seller is more_fun_comics and is located in North Bay, Ontario. Anything over 1 kg for USA will have to go Expedited (that is Canada Post, not me). Star wars knights of the old republic #9 cgc 9.6 first appearance darth revan this item can be shipped to united states, canada.

Custom Lego Star Wars Ebon Hawk Star Ship With New Crew, Version 2.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Part 15 The Crystal Cave

Custom lego star wars ebon hawk star ship with new crew, version 2 this set would be suitable for play or display or both! We use primarily Legos in our creations, but we do on occasion use other quality blocks and specialty pieces to make our unique figures and sets.